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Petra Bauer

Petra Bauer lives and works in Stockholm. She is an artist, filmmaker and doctoral student at department of Fine Art in Konstfack University, Stockholm. Bauer is interested in film as a political tool and the role of moving images in the creation and telling of a story. Her work has been presented at festivals and exhibitions internationally.

  1. Pb_exhibit_2011_image_1
    Exhibition Petra Bauer: Sisters!

  2. Event Film screening: Read the Masks. Tradition Is Not Given by Petra Bauer and Annette Krauss

  3. Event Spaces of Battles and Mutual Concerns: Petra Bauer, Kodwo Eshun, Pragna Patel and Nina Power

  4. Pb_exhibit_2011_image_1
    Video Trailer for Sisters! by Petra Bauer