The Showroom

The Marylebone Project

In 2011 during Reproduction Labour, an exhibition that centred around the films, videos, politics and discussions that make up Cinenova, The Showroom formed a relationship with The Marylebone Project.

The Marylebone Project is a local organisation and one of the largest of its type in the UK who work with vulnerable homeless women to empower them towards independent living, through helping them to make informed choices about their lives.

During the Reproductive Labour exhibition The Showroom organised two screenings of films from the Cinenova archive with a group of women from The Marylebone Project. Since then the group has met once a month to watch and discuss pivotal works from the history of feminist, black, queer and experimental film and video, and together consider how they activate the present.

  1. 01907
    Event Christian Nyampeta: Church Street Library, How to live together, A Blackboard

  2. 01873
    Event Book Launch: Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook and Cluster

  3. W10cn_exhibit_2014_image_5
    Exhibition Werker 10: Community Darkroom and Christian Nyampeta: How to Live Together – Prototypes

  4. Cp_exhibit_2013_image_1
    Exhibition Ciara Phillips: Workshop (2010–ongoing)

  5. Screening
    Event Point 3 Film Screening

  6. C_exhibit_2011_image_1
    Exhibition Reproductive Labour: An exhibition exploring the work of Cinenova