The Showroom

Will Holder

Will Holder is a designer and writer based in London. He curated Talk Show at the ICA, and is editor of FR DAVID, published by de Appel, Amsterdam. He is currently editing and designing a biography of American composer Robert Ashley (with Alex Waterman), and rewriting William Morris’ News from Nowhere (An epoch of rest) into a guide for design education and practise set in 2135.

  1. 01495
    Limited Edition Will Holder: The Tiger's Mind Score

  2. 01211
    Event Book Launch: F.R.DAVID,...for single mothers

  3. Bg_exhibit_2013_image_4
    Exhibition Beatrice Gibson: The Tiger's Mind

  4. 01096
    Publication The Tiger's Mind

  5. 00254
    Event Signal:Noise Part I

  6. 00127
    Event Book Launch: The Otolith Group: A Long Time Between Suns, designed by Will Holder

  7. 00127
    Publication The Otolith Group: A Long Time Between Suns

  8. 00719
    Event Beatrice Gibson: A Necessary Music screening and Will Holder: An Evening with Robert Ashley