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Become a supporter and help sustain our ambitious and innovative programme of artists commissions, local projects, talks and events.

The Showroom is a platform to new ways of thinking, researching and communicating.....I am constantly discovering and learning. Viewing shows and attending talks and events is always a gratifying and enriching experience. Maria Sukkar, Benefactor and Trustee

As a registered charity The Showroom has to raise 100% of its income. We are core funded by The Arts Council but in addition need to raise a significant amount each year from individuals and companies, as well as from funding bodies, trusts and foundations.

At a time when funding is more difficult to secure than ever, money raised from individuals and companies through our Supporters Scheme is much needed and appreciated. The scheme provides essential funding to enable us to continue providing artists with important opportunities with major new commissions (often their first solo presentation in London) at the right moment in their career.

Donations also support the work we do in our local area through our Communal Knowledge programme, which provides opportunities for local people and groups to work with international artists on projects which feed directly into our main programme. These projects create forums for people to reflect upon and speak about the issues that are at stake for them, giving them a platform and a voice.

Join a highly valued group of individuals, get more involved and make a genuine difference. We offer a close and engaged relationship with all our supporters and a range of benefits:

Tax Effective Giving
Any donation, no matter how small or large, can qualify for tax relief under Gift Aid as long as the donor is a UK tax payer. For example: if you give The Showroom gallery a donation of £600, we can reclaim an extra £150 from the Inland Revenue.

If you are a higher rate tax payer you can also benefit. For example: if you make a donation of £3,000, as a higher rate UK tax payer you could be entitled to claim up to £750 from the Inland Revenue. This means that your donation of £3,000 to The Showroom would cost you only £2,250. Similarly if you become a Patron and make a donation of £500, as a higher rate UK tax payer you could be entitled to claim up to £125 from the Inland Revenue. This means that your donation of £500 to The Showroom would cost you only £375.

For more information or to make a donation please contact the Director

Thank You

Corporate Benefactors
Terry Farrell and Partners
Lisson Gallery
Goodman Gallery London/Joburg/CapeTown

Corporate Partnerships
Arnold & Henderson
Baker & McKenzie
Hallett Independent
Rees & Company

Wendy Fisher
Maria Sukkar
Mercedes Vilardell
Liza Essers

Founding Patrons
The Rory and Elizabeth Brooks Foundation
Alex Sainsbury and Elinor Jansz

Gallery Supporters
Sadie Coles HQ
Simon Lee Gallery
Maureen Paley
David Zwirner New York/London

B Squared Foundation
Robert Devereux
Jill Hackel and Andrzej Zarzycki
London Art Salon
Joanna Mackiewicz-Gemes
Prue O'Day
Mariela Pissioti
Adam Prideaux
Andrew Renton
Emily Tsingou and Henry Bond

Donors 2017/18
Cristian Albu
Martine d’Anglejan–Chatillon
Brian Boylan
The Rory and Elizabeth Brooks Foundation
Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary
Sadie Coles HQ
Dr Paul Ettlinger and Raimund Berthold
David Green
Jill Hackel and Andrzej Zarzycki
Andrew and Stephanie Hale
Margot Henderson
Roksanda Ilinčić
Lisson Gallery
Lucy Pereira
Serena Rees and Paul Simonon
Paul and Anna Stolper
Maria Sukkar
Emily Tsingou and Henry Bond
The TukTuk Flower Studio
Mercedes Vilardell

Artist Supporters
Claire Barclay
Marvin Gaye Chetwynd
Jason Dodge/ Fivehundred Places Press
Anya Gallaccio
Subodh Gupta
Mona Hatoum
Jim Lambie
Marysia Lewandowska
Sarah Lucas
Haroon Mirza
Oscar Murillo
Uriel Orlow
The Otolith Group
Eva Rothschild
Simon Starling
Rebecca Warren and Fergal Stapleton

Joanna Newton
Anatol Orient
Alexander V. Petalas
David Thorp

And all those who wish to remain anonymous