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Support on an annual basis £3000


Benefactors comprise a circle of key supporters whose involvement is vital to enabling and sustaining our organisation, and are appreciated in a number of ways. They are invited to informal dinners with the artists in our programme and are kept informed of developments in the gallery throughout the year. These relaxed events are designed to keep our Benefactors at the heart of what we are doing.

Benefactors are credited and appreciated in the following ways:

  • Invited to an annual supporters event
  • Kept informed of key developments in the gallery
  • Acknowledged on all gallery publicity material, the website, and on a panel displayed in the building
  • Offered free use of the gallery or event space one evening each year, and 50% discount at another time in the year
  • Invited to Supporter events such as special views of exhibitions, breakfasts and talks throughout the year
  • Sent copies of all Showroom publications
  • Entitled to free attendance at all Showroom events and seminars, and priority booking
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