The Showroom

Chicago Boys: While we were singing, they were dreaming...

Thursday 13 May 2010, 7–9pm

An informal evening of music and discussion by Chicago Boys: While we were singing, they were dreaming, a 1970s revival band and neo-liberalism study group assembled by artist Hiwa K. Following from performances at a café on the Edgware Road in April 2010, the band will play popular music from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon in the 1970s, followed by conversations about personal memories and the shaping of the region by neo-liberal policies.

  1. 01760
    Event Book Launch: Joanna Rajkowska: Where The Beast Is Buried

  2. E_exhibit_2010_image_2
    Exhibition Estrangement

  3. Event Panel discussion: Aneta Szylak, Hiwa K, Janna Graham, Cihat Arinc, Maryam Jafri and Hardi Kurda

  4. Joanna_chariot_drawing
    Event Joanna Rajkowska: Chariot

  5. Hiwa_guitar_lesson
    Event Hiwa K performance at The Cockpit Theatre