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  1. A1_poster_rgb
    Exhibition Editorial Tables: Reciprocal Hospitalities

  2. Screenshot_2023-02-22_at_10.55.28
    Event Kiila/ The Wedge: Archive-as-Artwork, a reading group

  3. Minna-henriksson-lentolehtiset-_-leaflets-after-elvi-sinervo-runo-sornaisista-p.-76-77.-linocut-on-paper.-courtesy-of-the-artist.
    Event Rolling Our Own: Linocut print workshop with Minna Henriksson

  4. Img_6722
    Event Editorial Tables: Zine-making & Riso printing sessions

  5. No_extra_planet_b
    Event The Hundred Club at The Showroom - make a newspaper in a day

  6. Publicprogramme_posters-03
    Event Editorial Tables: Reciprocal Hospitalities - zine making workshop

  7. Publicprogramme_posters-04
    Event Editorial Tables: Reciprocal Hospitalities - public programme

  8. Wnlpm3
    Exhibition Inas Halabi: We No Longer Prefer Mountains

  9. 19780500204757_art-and-climate-change_woa_packshot1.jpeg
    Event Art and Climate Change

  10. 62370eda-3e37-0d74-5fcc-61bb9e340c3c
    Exhibition The Showroom at Cromwell Place

  11. Adam_shield__scanner_(ii)
    Exhibition Adam Shield: Amp Envelope

  12. Hey_you_get_off_my_cloud
    Event “hey you, get off my cloud” Posters of protest and celebration

  13. 2_art_of_activism_higher_res_copy.jpeg
    Event The Art of Activism and the Activism of Art

  14. The_showroom_adam_shield_poster_workshops_september_2022.jpeg
    Event Adam Shield: 2-Day Print and Poster Workshop

  15. As_neighbourhood_poster.jpeg
    Event Adam Shield: Poster Workshops

  16. Theshowroom_031019-2941
    Exhibition The Showroom Mural Commission - Simnikiwe Buhlungu: Notes to Self (Intimate 1)

  17. Lead_image.jpeg
    Exhibition Haig Aivazian: All of your Stars are but Dust on my Shoes

  18. Countersonics_image_1

  19. Img_3114.jpeg
    Event Streams of Memories

  20. Image.2
    Event Streams of Memories - a Reading Group

  21. Matadero-contralaraza023
    Event Contra la Raza [Against Race] Live Programme

  22. Programa-en-vivo-contra-la-raza_51650462410_o
    Event In Madrid: Belinda Zhawi's SOUTH X SOUTH EAST Performances

  23. Sally_fenaux_barleycorn._the_funeral__2019._photograph_by_alice_brazzit_2
    Event In Madrid: Collective Geopoetics Screening and Artists' Talk

  24. Grada_kilomba__illusions_vol_1___2017_courtesy_of_the_artist
    Event In Madrid: 'Taxidermy of the Future' Project Screening and Curators Talk

  25. Programa-en-vivo-contra-la-raza_51649834158_o
    Event In Madrid: 'Relic Traveller' Series Screening and Online Talk with Larry Achiampong & Katherine Finerty

  26. 1_es_book
    Event Eastern Sugar

  27. Tina_14b_dan_weill_photography
    Event TINA: Book Launch

  28. 1._kathrin_bo%cc%88hm_for_future_use_the_showroom_dan_weill_photography
    Exhibition Kathrin Böhm. COMPOST: For Future Use

  29. Kathrin_bohm-showroom_dan_weill_photography-47
    Event Art on a Scale of Change

  30. To_make_fertilizer
    Event Compost: 1-1

  31. The_showroom-compost-kathrin_bohm_opening_dan_weill_photography-5
    Exhibition COMPOST. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap

  32. Co-post
    Event Com- as in Compost

  33. Thevov_render_holder_image
    Exhibition theVOV – Collective Intimacy: Reviving a Live Programme

  34. The_showroom-compost-kathrin_bohm_opening_dan_weill_photography-14
    Event Meronomy: approaching the archive with curiosity

  35. Collective_intimacy_intro
    Event theVOV Virtual Evening Event

  36. Showroom_kathrin_bohm_1st_space_shots_dan_weill_photography-92
    Event Katherine Gibson: Diverse Economies