The Showroom

Church Street Cultural Mapping Workshops


The Showroom and architect Blanca Pujals have been working on making a new collective cultural map of the Church Street Ward. This collaborative mapping process has focused on opening up reflections upon the cultural life in and around Church Street, and has been made together with those living and working locally, or with active connections to the neighbourhood.

The aim has been to create a collective picture of the cultural fabric, spaces and relationships that are important locally today. The new map – which has been commissioned by Westminster City Council and builds upon The Showroom’s long term relationships in the neighbourhood – highlights spaces, shares knowledge and builds new networks; reflecting on cooperative models for organising and production whilst exploring the need for shared collective spaces in Church Street.

Workshops dates in 2021 were as follows:

Week one
- Monday 15 February 2021: 4-5.30pm
- Wednesday 17 February 2021: 4-5.30pm

Week two
- Monday 22 February 2021: 4-5.30pm

Week three
- Wednesday 10 March 2021: 4.30-5.30pm
- Friday 19 March 2021, 11am-12.30pm

Image: Church Street OS Base Map, February 2021. Courtesy of The Showroom and Blanca Pujals


If you live or work in the Church Street area and would like to have more information about the process, please email [email protected]


Blanca Pujals is an architect, spatial researcher and critical writer. Her cross-disciplinary practice is based on spatial research and critical analysis to engage with questions of contemporary culture, philosophy of science and transnational politics. Through her work Blanca has an interest in developing tools for undertaking analysis using different visual and sonic devices. Her work crosses between film, architecture, lecturing, curatorial projects, teaching and critical writing.

The Cultural Life of Church Street Map – Workshop Information