The Showroom

Dolores Zinny and Juan Maidagan


28 May – 6 July 2003

Preview: Tuesday 27 May 2003, 7–9pm

Zinny & Maidagan make slight but distinct interventions into the architecture of galleries, museums and other spaces. Central to their practice is an interest in the relationship between public and private, reality and fiction, object and representation. Their work deals with the status of the individual within larger structures such as political systems, urban plans and the architecture of exhibition spaces.

For The Showroom, Zinny & Maidagan made a series of works that continued their examination of the power relationship between the individual and the institution. Their project could be read loosely as being a critique of how information is currently mediated for the public. This included a fabric cover containing a series of circular volumes that remained discrete from the gallery space. The work created an ambiguity between the reading of the fabric cover as being a flat, two-dimensional surface and the reality that it contains three-dimensional forms. The duo thus created the curious suggestion for the viewer that another layer exists behind the fabric cover.

Dolores Zinny & Juan Maidagan have worked collaboratively since 1990. They were at the time based in Berlin on a DAAD residency. Their exhibition at The Showroom is their first solo show in Britain. In the Summer of 2003 Zinny & Maidagan's work was at the 50th Venice Biennale in The Structure of Survival, curated by Carlos Basualdo.