The Showroom

Colloquium: Sound Art and Music

Book launch, performance and screening
Wednesday 2 November 2016, 7–9pm


Audio recording of the book launch of Colloquium: Sound Art and Music published by Zero Books in September 2016, edited by Thomas Gardner and Salomé Voegelin, with contributions from Allen S Weiss, Nye Parry, David Toop, Volkmar Klien, Aura Satz, Leigh Landy, Cathy Lane, Simon Emmerson, Claudia Molitor and Kathy Hinde, with a postscript by Kate Lacey.

The launch featured a performance by Thomas Gardner, David Mollin and Salomé Voegelin, practising the relationship between sound and music with words, movements, numbers and cello, and a screening of Aura Satz’ film Little Doorways to Paths Not Yet Taken (2016), about composer Laurie Spiegel’s musing on electronic music and the compositional process.