The Showroom

Poetic Imaginaries

Fortnightly Highlight #6
12 June 2020

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Dear Friends,

This Fortnightly Highlight comes a little belatedly after four weeks. We have, like many, been overwhelmed by recent events. The ongoing fight for racial justice, the pandemic, the economic situation, the unknowing. Closer to home, the strangeness of working at a distance from our building and each other.

After the initial process of moving online, reviewing changes, pushing forward with equal and opposite forces, for some of us the furlough, the emergency stop, the slow consideration of where we are going next... Our mood recently has been contemplative. We have been taking time for reflection, research and regaining strength for the new challenges ahead.

In this Fortnightly Highlight we are thus turning towards the radical power of the poetic in imagining new possibilities. Contemplation experienced as a journey to amplification and action.

Below is a selection of poems, conversations, projects and workshops from The Showroom’s recent history that reflect ideas of belonging and change through deep reflection. We invite you to read and listen to work by writer and sound artist Belinda Zhawi, explore the 2019 exhibition 4 Waters: Deep Implicancy by philosopher Denise Ferreira da Silva and filmmaker Arjuna Neuman, and engage with its accompanying poetry workshop Preservation and Formlessness led by poet James Goodwin – all projects exploring deep contemplation as poetics of resistance.

Next month will have a new, exciting and timely programme to share with you.

Seema & Katherine

Seema Manchanda, Managing Director
Katherine Finerty, Assistant Curator and Communications & Development Manager, The Showroom