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Justice for Domestic Workers

Justice for Domestic Workers (J4DW) was established in 2009 and is supported by Unite the Union. It is a local organisation of migrant domestic workers who work in private houses in the UK, and is active in campaigning to restore and improve the rights for domestic workers and for making domestic work visible in society. Marissa Begonia, coordinator of Justice for Domestic Workers was involved in the ILO C189, ‘Decent Work for Domestic Workers’ negotiations at the invitation of TUC, Unite the Union and other campaigns involving J4DW.

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    Event 365 Days of Invisible Work

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    Exhibition Communal Knowledge at Work

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    Event Open discussion with Hengameh Golestan and Justice for Domestic Workers

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    Event Justice for Domestic Workers: 6th Anniversary event

  5. 01873
    Event Book Launch: Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook and Cluster

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    Exhibition Werker 10: Community Darkroom and Christian Nyampeta: How to Live Together – Prototypes

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    Event Communal Knowledge: is this working?

  8. 01687
    Event Domestic Work is Work

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    Exhibition Ciara Phillips: Workshop (2010–ongoing)

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    Exhibition Ricardo Basbaum: re-projecting (london)

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    Event Public Action with ASK! and Justice for Domestic Workers

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    Event Work Like This