The Showroom

Sophie Warren and Jonathan Mosley

Sophie Warren (b.1969) trained as an artist; Jonathan Mosley (b.1967) trained as an architect. They have been collaborating since 2000. Their work corrupts the conventions of planning and programming of architectural and urban space through invitation, action or proposition. Using events, installation, moving imagery and text, Warren and Mosley construct situations, an informal architecture of possibility, moving between material fact and the fiction of our imagination. In addition to situated events and interventions, their work has been presented at international film festivals in Berlin and Budapest (2010), the Sydney Architecture Festival (2010), and exhibited at Smart Project Space (Amsterdam), ITU (Istanbul), CCA (Glasgow), The Armory Show (New York), Frederike Taylor Gallery (New York) and Gasworks (London).

Their screenplay Beyond Utopia with contributions by Maria Fusco, Brandon LaBelle, Marie-Anne McQuay, Paul O’Neill, Elizabeth Price, Jane Rendell, Lee Stickells and Robin Wilson is published by Errant Bodies Press, Los Angeles.

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    Event Sophie Warren, Jonathan Mosley and Can Altay: Rogue Game