The Showroom

Fourth Feathers Youth & Community Centre

Fourth Feathers Youth & Community Centre's main objectives are to provide opportunities for children and young people to develop in a positive way that suits them through informal education, sporting, cultural and recreational activities. Day and residential trips are organised so that the young people can engage in activities they would not normally experience.

The Youth & Community Centre offers young people an extensive range of activities from basketball, football and trampolining to arts and crafts, IT, healthy cooking and a homework club. The Feathers also conducts holiday programmes which incorporate time out of London on day trips and weekend or weekly residentials in the countryside.

  1. 01_take_over_the_showroom
    Event Take Over | Fourth Feathers TV: Gallery as a Neighbourhood Model

  2. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Gallery as a Neighbourhood Model

  3. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Boxing

  4. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Left Hook / Right Hook

  5. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Homework

  6. Fftv
    Video FFTV: A White Chocolate And Strawberry Marquise

  7. Fftv
    FFTV: D A N C E

  8. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Skatepark

  9. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Nasir

  10. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Memories Of The Future

  11. 01673
    Video FFTV: Episode 1

  12. W10cn_exhibit_2014_image_5
    Exhibition Werker 10: Community Darkroom and Christian Nyampeta: How to Live Together – Prototypes