The Showroom

Uriel Orlow and Cooking Sections: Better, More Exotic and Half a Penny Cheaper

Saturday 1 October 2016
3 – 5pm
A walk from The Showroom to The Empire Remains Shop on Baker St
Meet at The Showroom from 2.30 for a 3.00pm start
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This walk joins two exhibition projects, starting at The Showroom with Uriel Orlow's Mafavuke’s Trial and Other Plant Stories and finishing at Cooking Sections' The Empire Remains Shop on Baker Street. On the way we will discover a medicinal plant garden reflecting different communities and their migratory backgrounds, the colonial history of some of the products sold at a street market and textile shop in the area, as well as the site of the head office of the Home and Colonial Stores, which first opened in 1883. 

  1. Theatrum_botanicum00
    Publication Uriel Orlow: Theatrum Botanicum

  2. Uriel_orlowshowroom-002
    Exhibition Uriel Orlow: Mafavuke’s Trial and Other Plant Stories

  3. Uriel_orlow__showroom-003
    Event Symposium: Theatrum Botanicum and Other Forms of Knowledge

  4. Uriel_orlow__showroom-003
    Audio Symposium: Theatrum Botanicum and Other Forms of Knowledge

  5. Uriel_orlow_-_mandela's_gold-02
    Limited Edition Uriel Orlow: Mandela’s Gold

  6. Showroom_-_uriel_tincture-ointment_workshop_dan_weill_photography-154
    Event Putting the Medicinal Garden to Use

  7. Showroom-medicinal_garden-uriel_dan_weill_photography-58
    Event Medicinal garden launch and tour with Uriel Orlow and Michael Heinrich